Laser Etching Process


Our eco-friendly, stone-engraving process

Here at Love Rocks Inc., we take pride in our process, producing detailed, beautiful, and uniquely engraved stones.  Backed by years of talent, knowledge, and expertise, our passion for creating a lasting, high-quality stone has never wavered.  Family-owned and operated, we are excited to bring you some of the best the industry has to offer.

Using industry-leading green processes, our engraving techniques ensure the fastest turnaround times at the most affordable prices.

Producing everything in-house, we go the extra mile to make your project our priority at all times.  Using clean, energy-efficient machines and printing inks that do not contain any metals or phthalates, you can trust that when you work with Love Rocks, you are working with a company who cares.  Detailed and precise, our procedure ensures quality detail that exceeds your expectations, using no harmful or messy solvents and wasting no products at any stage of the creative process.

From start to finish we work with you to meet your needs and deliver results that cannot be beat.  With questions, comments, or concerns about our engraving process, or to order your custom stones, contact us today.  We look forward to bringing you closer to the great outdoors, by designing a beautiful work of art, specifically for you.